Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

[TIP] - Keeping Up With Microsoft Windows.....WHY ? Back to Top


UPGRADE MICROSOFT - This option varies from Windows Platform and the icon is not always located in the same spot. Usually it is located at the top of the Start Button and is called Windows Update. The updates can also be located at the following web address.  

Please Note: We are only recommending that you perform these upgrades to your Operating system and are not authorized to provide Microsoft Technical Support. we are only recommending these upgrades because we have reason to believe these updates are beneficial for Music Book Deluxe to perform correctly.

Also we can only support operating systems that Microsoft Supports. When Microsoft no longer supports a version of Windows it will be impossible for us to maintain support for our product that is running on that operating system. If you are running an operating system that Microsoft no longer supports it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a newer version of Windows.;[ln];lifecycle

You might need to contact Microsoft to fix your XP first.


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What does MBD mean?? Back to Top

Music Book Deluxe

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What is a Flash Upgrade? Back to Top

This is a handy little program that MBD uses to upgrade itself to the newest version available. Flash only upgrades the program features of MBD, not the Master Database.

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Where can I find Help for this program? Back to Top

In the MBD program, go to 'Help', there you will find 'Operation Manual' to get you started with printable instructions. You will also find 'Tutorial' which are video/audio tutorials that visually walk you through different facets of the program (Highly Recommended). CDrom Required for the videos, or you can always download the Videos from our website You will find tech support phone numbers in the 'Operation Manual' under 'Settings and Support'.

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I get an error. CHKPHZ1- Jet error- microsoft- component error. Back to Top

This happens when the Microsoft Jet Components have not been installed or have been reinstalled with mix matched versions. 

This can happen for many reasons. Either it did not install correctly, the MBD setup ended  with out installing the core program, or windows has some version of the component open and will not allow the installation to complete. Recently this error has been attributed to a recent Windows Update and the result is mismatched database drivers.


Download and install "FLASH ZERO" from the Upgrade Center 

If you continue to have problems then contact technical support.

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Remote Error, Action Canceled when trying to download an Upgrade from the Music Book Deluxe website. Back to Top

These Errors are directly related to the following Issues with the Operating Environment not with Music Book Deluxe please correct these issues before contacting the technical support team.

1. Run all Critical Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer Updates.

2. Verify that your Internet Security software is not Preventing Communications with our server.

3. Verify that your Internet Connection software is Updated to the most current version. i.e. AOL, MSN

90% of all technical support calls that are related to registration failure or program upgrade/update processes are simply due to one of the above reasons.  If you are unfamiliar with your Internet Security software package i.e. Nortons or Mcafee then please contact them for technical support as that software is preventing the communication between your computer and our server.  We have found in several cases the client has accidentally clicked the "DEFAULT" option when asked to allow the communication and the  "DEFAULT"  setting is to NOT allow any communication thus instantly stopping Music Book Deluxe the program from communicating with the Music Book Deluxe server. Again we are not  Nortons or Mcafee representatives and have no ability to provide technical support on those products you will need to contact them for support. You can not expect our software to work correctly when the operating system and/or internet software are not functioning correctly.

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Windows Service Pack 2 and Music Book Deluxe. Back to Top

When Windows Firewall asks you what you want to do you want to click Unblock

If you get a Popup MSG from Internet Explorer while browsing our site then you can choose from the options to allow popups on our site all the time or just this time. This may be needed if downloading upgrades, tutorials or additional pages that may be requested. This is a security feature of Microsoft.

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Error with autoexec.nt -cannot run a 16-bit application on XP. Back to Top

Xp Error with autoexec.nt extract error. There is some error on your XP Operating system and it is considering this to be a 16bit violation. This is a Windows error when Music Book Deluxe askes to extract the compressed file.

See Microsoft Support on how to fix your computer Click Here --->;en-us;324767

Quick Fix:
Download and install 'Download #3' from our 'Upgrade Center'


Downloading the Data Updates uncompressed should fix this problem.
1). Maintenance -- Settings -- System Settings -- [Internet] tab
2). Uncheck "Download Compressed Files" box then click "Save/Exit"

then try the update process again.

1). Click on"Maintenance"
2). Then choose "Master List Options"
3). Then choose "AutomaticInternet Update" (Ctrl+U)
5). Music Book Deluxe notify you when completed

This Error is NOT an error with Music Book Deluxe. It is an error in the XP operating system. You will want to fix this to prevent other programs from having problems.

You might need to contact Microsoft to fix your XP first.


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54321...Download Extraction Error. Back to Top
This error could be directly associated with the above FAQ.

See above FAQ.

If you are getting the 16-bit application error prior to getting the 54321 error then you have an error with your Microsoft Windows XP Operating System. The above FAQ should Quick Fix this problem. To fix your Microsoft XP see the link to the Micosoft Website in the FAQ above.

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Remote Error during registration. Not receiving Username and Password or Activation Code. Back to Top

Registration problems are usually because the upgrade process {Steps 3 & 4 on the serial number card} did not complete. They were either skipped or the automatic upgrade process failed. The following will help determine the what the problem with failed registration.

99% of all Internet download issues/problems are related to Internet Security Software settings. You may need to allow for downloads to use some features of certain web sites. We do not recommend turning off your security software, instead make the appropriate adjustments to allow the features to work correctly.

Try The Following;

Verify you are connected to the Internet during the Upgrade/Registration/Update processes.

What version of Windows are you running ?
Have you run all the Critical Windows Updates for your Operating System ?

Look for "Express Updates" - "Critical Updates or Service Packs"

Are you running any Anti-Virus or Internet Security Software ?

Check your security settings.

What version of Music Book Deluxe is now installed on your Computer ?

If you are not running the current version 1.05.0000 then you must upgrade prior to registration. The registration process will prevent registration until upgrades have been performed.

If the upgrade failed due to Internet Security software settings you must try to upgrade manually. 'Upgrade Center'

You might also try to contact our phone support lines the help assist you.

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Symantec (Norton Internet Security) and Music Book Deluxe. Back to Top

Norton is security software that is supposed to protect you against viruses, hackers, spyware, and spam.

Unfortunately, we have found Norton to be less than User Friendly when it comes to software that uses the TCPIP stack behind the scenes. Norton will by default consider this to be spyware or spam and instantly block all transitions between the software and its end destination.

The other unfortunate thing is we receive hundreds of customers that are mad at us because our software is not working correctly – then to find out is was Norton that was preventing our software from running.

The Fast Fix: Disable temporarily all Symantec Security (Norton) software, and then perform the Music Book Deluxe tasks. We do not recommend that you keep your security software disabled. This process is only a temporary solution.

If this process was successful then you need to call Symantec Security (Norton) for technical support on their product as the problem is with Norton not Music Book Deluxe.

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Norton/Mcafee/Zone Alarm etc. ask to block Music Book Deluxe is this a security issue with the software. Back to Top

These security software packages are designed to protect you against viruses, hackers, spyware, and spam and need to be trained.

Music Book Deluxe does use the “Microsoft Internet Explorer” components to directly utilize your Internet Connection to upgrade/update and register/activate the software. Using these integrated Microsoft components allows Music Book Deluxe to make certain you have the most current version available and the opportunity to have the most current database listings.

Music Book Deluxe does not contain or install any “Spy-Ware”, “Mal-Ware”, or “Share-Ware” software packages, we do however install “Freebyte” an small zip file creation program which is used only to create a “Zip” file of your data if you choose to run the backup options, so granting Internet Access to Music Book Deluxe is completely safe. All Music Book Deluxe installation files and update files are checked for viruses before posting for download.

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Will Music Book Deluxe run on Windows Vista or 7? Back to Top

Short Answer “Yes”

The newest Demo (Full Version) install of Music Book Deluxe is Vista compatible. If you have not installed Music Book Deluxe yet then download the Demo to install. The CDROM might upgrade, however Vista’s UAC can get in the way. You can download a Acrobat PDF from our upgrade center that has full instructions on how to install from cd in Vista. 'Upgrade Center'

However it really is best to just download Demo.

[TECH] -

I just reinstalled and now I get a run time error 13 when opening the program ? Back to Top

This problem seems to be isolated to the install/registration/activation process and receiving garbled or corrupt data. This will require a reset of the registration/activation process and trying the process again.

Please call technical support to further assist you with this problem.

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When I go to print I get this error "Syntax error in from clause 3131 DAO.database before data set TMP" What do I do ? Back to Top

There could be 2 Potential Problems:

1...If your book file has ANY punctuation in the filename (like bill'sbook.mdb), the book will not print and you will receive an error (thank you Bill Gates). You can fix this problem by renaming that file to have no apostrophes, slashes, commas, etc (like billsbook.mdb). P.S. Double check the File Path, same rules apply. If you Windows login is like "Bill's" You can complain to Bill Gates at Microsoft when he get done curring AIDS in AFRICA.

2...When upgrading, your computer failed to reboot and finish the upgrade process. You will need to manually upgrade.

Download and run the full upgrade from the 'Upgrade Center'. Or Call our Support Lines.

[TECH] -

When I try to print I get a message that says: Error opening report, Invalid directory -2147206460, Crystal reports ActiveX Designer Misc rpts. Back to Top

Older OS: This is a mouse pointer issue that affects certain drop lists on certain Older Windows Operating Systems. Make sure you are "double clicking" on the report with your mouse to select it, or selecting the last report then scrolling back up to the report you wish to print, doing this will allow the record pointers and the mouse pointers to synchronize.

This error may be accompanied by error -2147206461. See FAQ on this error.

[TECH] -

When I try to print I get a message that says: Error opening report, Invalid directory -2147206461, Crystal reports ActiveX Designer File not found Misc rpts. Back to Top

This appears to happen when the reports file has been corrupted, the report definitions are not correct for the report, or the physical report is missing.

Try to re-run the Flash Upgrade process again.

From the main menu of Music Book Deluxe

Maintenance , Settings , Flash Upgrade.


Go to the 'Upgrade Center' page on our website. Select "DOWNLOAD 2".

If you have additional problems please contact our sales/support lines.

[TECH] -

When I try to print I get a message that says: "Automation Error -2147024770. The Specified modult cannot be found". What could be the probable cause of this error.? Back to Top

Often this crash is caused by an MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) corruption. To fix the problem, go to and download MDAC 2.8 or higher. Then install it on your computer. This may require you to reboot the computer.

If you continue to have problems call phone support.

[TECH] -

Internet Communication Error 12002 Timeout. Back to Top

The most common Internet communication error is related to Anti-Virus/Personal Firewall software. If you use these software packages and are experiencing problems updating, check your Anti-Virus/Firewall software settings. Anti-Virus/Firewall software settings normally allow you to add as a friendly or safe site.

Also, you can try updating in "passive mode" by going to "Maintenance > Settings > System Settings > Click on the “Internet” Options Tab, then check the box next to "Run In Passive Mode" and click the "Save/Exit" button. Then try AIU again.

If all else fails disable the Anti-Virus/Firewall software during the update process. Do not leave disabled.

If any of these work then contact the Anti-Virus/Firewall software or your service provider to fix the configuration of your system to solve the problem.

[TECH] -

When I run Flash Upgrade MBD does not Upgrade to the version posted on the website ? Back to Top

This is a Security problem with the internet security software on your computer. Check you security settings and try again. You can also download the full upgrade manually from our upgrade center.

To upgrade MBD and Flash go to the 'Upgrade Center' and download the full upgrade located at the top.

[TECH] - Error opeing report, 713, Music Book Deluxe, application-defined, Stage:.. set SLC RPT Back to Top

Update Windows

Then download and run the full upgrade from the 'Upgrade Center' .

This should fix the problem. Remember to shut down all other processes before runing the upgrades.

[TECH] - I get an error. ABT-ERROR Object variable or With block variable not set Back to Top

This can happen when there is a system crash during a read or write to a database file thus causing failure and corruption. Windows is usually the problem and you are probably experiencing other odd things with your computer. {Fix Replace the corrupt Database Files.}...You will need to call a support rep. to further assist you with this issue.

[TECH] -

327 Error Opening Report. Failed to load control 'CRViewer' from CRVIEWER.DLL. Back to Top

Your version of CRVIEWER MAY BE OUT OF DATE. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with the application. Some other program installed on your computer essentially is preventing Music Book Deluxe from installing the correct component. Verify that your Windows is current with all the Windows Critical Service packs then, shut down all applications running in memory space then reinstall the correct components.

Go to the 'Upgrade Center' page on our website. Select "DOWNLOAD 2".

[TIP] -

How come I'm not finding my discs in the MBD database? Back to Top

Chances are you've gotten all registered and 'upgraded' the program, but still haven't 'updated' the Master Database using the Username & Password we assigned to you.. Refer the FAQ above this one for instruction on updating...

HINT 1: :
If you still can't find the disc you are looking for, try searching for the first song on that disc in our Master Database, if you 'categorize' it so you are viewing only discs with that song on it, look for any disc ending with "-01" then click on that disc number to bring up the 'Quick Glance' window so you can view that whole disc and compare it to the cd you have. If it's the right one, you can add it to the Prelist right from there. If it's not the right one, just close the Quick Glance window and keep searching.

HINT 2: :
Manufacturers tend to "re-release" various editions of some discs or even sets of discs. If we find this happening, we will list both versions in the database. Use "HINT 1" to search for re-releases, some re-releases are actually listed in the MFG list so watch for those.

HINT 3: :
Music Book Deluxe does not list unauthorized (pirated/bootlegged) karaoke discs in our database. We fully support the following organizations that try to stop the illegal karaoke trade. If you suspect you have been sold illegal karaoke music, discs, mp3, etc,, please contact the following companies to report the maker of the discs...

[TECH] -

Is List Assist selecting the wrong song? Back to Top

List Assist can make mistakes when it is running in simi-auto mode and it is not recommended to run List Assist in this mode. List Assist makes an assessment of the information provided and makes a determination on the best selections and sometimes it makes mistakes.

It is recommended List Assist not be run in simi-auto mode but rather in standard mode. This will insure that you and only you select the correct listing.

[TECH] -

339 Component tabctl32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered a file is missing or invalid Back to Top

This happens when another program has installed/uninstalled the tabctl32.ocx or another program had an older version in use at the time of installation.

Restart computer, Shutdown all other applications, download and install "Full Upgrade" from the 'Upgrade Center'.

You might call technical support for assistance.

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What is an activation code? Back to Top

Product Activation is a technology designed to protect users from pirated or counterfeit software by limiting use of a product to those users who acquired a legitimate license to the product. This is a code that is specific to the computer you are on when you install MBD. If you install MBD to a different computer, you will need to generate a new activation code for that computer.

From the Activation Code prompt screen, Click "Re-activate online" to generate a new code.

You may receive up to 5 additional Activation Codes as required for your achines, after such time you will need to contact a technical support representative from your registered email address or phone number so your identity can be validated by a technical support agent to gain additional activation status.

All changes to your account must be made via the request from the registered e-mail address or phone number. If you no longer have these then you must call our phone support lines from a caller ID phone. Please do not call using a cell phone or a calling card that does not show caller ID. Sorry for any nconvenience, however this is to prevent someone from getting access to your information. All changes may also be made from within a registerd version of Music Book Deluxe from the Help -- Users Information - View/Edit Account Profile Information.

[TIP] -

Install/Re-Install on Existing Computer. (Computer Crashed…..Had to Re-Install Everything) Back to Top

These instructions are for Windows 95/98/ME ONLY!

See Below for New Computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

If you do not have a backup or can't make a backup then skip steps 1,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 do not skip steps 2,11,12

  1. Make sure that the old computer is upgraded to most current version.
    Then perform all Music Book Deluxe backups. Burn these backups to CD. *1
    (Sorry but we can't really help with your burning software. Please refer to the help instructions of that software package)
  2. On new computer Install from downloaded current Demo from web site.
  3. Do not Register or Activate at this time.  
  4. Open Music Book Deluxe on new computer.
  5. Go to Maintenance > Settings > System Settings.
  6. Click on the Tools Hammer located bottom left.
  7. Go to Options > Backup and Restore > Restore Music Book Deluxe.
  8. Under "Backup File Location" you will see a little box to the right with some dots in it. click the box.
  9. Locate the backup zip file you burned to CD in step 1
  10. Click "Continue" wait till finished then Exit Tools and Backup
  11. Open Music Book Deluxe on new computer if it does not already open.
  12. Register and Activate MBD.

*1) Help Manual located under HELP > Operations Help Manual. Look for Backup in the Index.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7

If you do not have a backup or can not make a backup then you will simply skip the backup/restore processes steps 1 & 3.

  1. Make sure that the old computer is upgraded to most current version.
    Then perform all Music Book Deluxe backups. Burn these backups to CD. *1
    (Sorry but we can't really help with your burning software. Please refer to the help instructions of that software package)
  2. On new computer Install from downloaded current Demo from web site.
  3. If you made a previous Backup CD then provide the Backup CD when prompted.
  4. Finish installation as prompted.
  5. Allow Internet Access to Programs as Prompted.
  6. Music Book Deluxe will open and start the registration/activation process.
  7. After Registration you will see the Activation Box
  8. You need to read the instructions on this screen and request activation status
  9. After Activation you will see the Wizard then Automatic Internet Update
  10. If you update account has expired then you will be prompted to get an update subscription.

[TECH] -

When I try to Activate MBD I get this "TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF ACTIVATION" Back to Top

This simply means that you have installed MBD at least 5 Times or have requested a new Activation Code at least 5 times. 

Product Activation is a technology designed to protect users from pirated or counterfeit software by limiting use of a product to those users who acquired a legitimate license to the product. This is a code that is specific to the computer you are on when you install MBD. If you install MBD to a different computer, you will need to generate a new activation code for that computer. From the Activation Code prompt screen, Click "Re-activate online" to generate a new code. You may receive up to 5 additional Activation Codes as required for your machines, after such time you will need to contact a technical support representative from your registered email address or phone number so your identity can be validated by a technical support agent to gain additional activation status.

[TIP] -

How do I Backup Music Book Deluxe and all my book files. Back to Top

Music Book Deluxe will ask you to back up when exiting the program. This is a two-stage backup on Win95-ME the first stage is only backing up to an alternative file for quick recovery for the program only. The second-stage in the backup is to generate a zipped backup of important files. The most current version of Music Book Deluxe under Windows XP/Vista will automatically prompt you to burn this file using the default Windows CD Burn Folder. Simply by following the Microsoft Windows Prompts you can have a complete backup of your MBD critical files and book files.

For more information about the files to backup please see the "Operations Help Manual" Located under "Help" at the top of the program, then from within the manual go to "Settings and Support" --> "Backup". You may consider printing this section out for later. See also above FAQ.

[TIP] -

What do I do if I've lost my MBD Username & Password? Back to Top

Make a request from the Users Area on the MBD Website.


Make sure you are connected to the internet and open the MBD program, Go to 'Help', then 'Registration Help', then look for 'Request Lost Username & password Via Email'.

Call a phone support rep.

[TECH] -

How come MBD won't fit in my monitor screen? Back to Top

Your Windows Display Properties need to be set at 800X600 or bigger - 1027X768 best, 16m color or better (256 color looks very bad in MBD), and make sure your fonts in 'Advanced' are set to 'small' - Normal size (96 DPI) .

[TIP] -

How can I enter my own listings for custom discs etc..? Back to Top

Use our patented "Quick Entry" method. (Located in 'Prelist Options') This handy tool will help you enter songs one-at-a-time with very little typing involved. Plus it will keep track of your numbering for that disc automatically. HINT: Make sure you have 'Advanced Search Option' activated before using Quick Entry.

[TIP] -

Disc listings are wrong or out of order. How can I fix them in my book. Why are they wrong ? Back to Top

Many of the Disc Companies release another version of that CD due to licensing problems or other reasons; we do try to list any discontinued and re-released versions of the discs. It however is ultimately your responsibility to double-check what version you are adding. If you find a wrong listing check for a re-release or a discontinued listing in our Master List. If you still cannot find the correct listings contact our support team to assist you.

It may be required to 'Quick Enter' the listings so they are correct in your book. If you do please let us know so we can make the corrections as well, as some of the manufacturers do not always inform us of these changes.

[TIP] -

How do I print by Title and then again by Artist? Back to Top

Same way, you choose the Print Style for Title the first time, then simply print that same book again by Artist. HINT: Always Print to Screen first so you can confirm that your book looks correct.

[TECH] -

MBD is telling me I have no connnection to the Internet? Back to Top

* Windows * is not reporting correctly. MBD asks Windows if it is connected to the Internet or LAN and MBD assumes that Windows is correct, however from time to time we have found a few cases where the system is connected to the Internet and it still is being reported as not connected. This seems to happen when the Lan device i.e. usb wireless or usb 10/100 card uses propriatary software instead of the default MS Windows networking.

Work Around.....

Maintenance > Settings > System Settings >

Look for the Internet Settings TAB

Click on the radio button that says

* Diable Internet Connection Check - Session Only

Do not change anything else Just Button.

You should see it changes to "Enable Internte Connection Check - Default".

Click Save/Exit and try again.

[TIP] - I use MP3+G Computer Karaoke and do not want to show disc numbers anymore. Back to Top

We have had some requests for a way to suppress the disc number when printing your reports.

Simply select the NO-Disc reports when printing your books. You can build any custom report and remove the columns simply by un-checking 'Show Disc Header and Numbers' under the Detail Header tab.

[TIP] - MP3+G auto renaming program that works with Music Book Deluxe. Back to Top

We have a Free tool that will assist in naming MP3+G Tracks.

The is a FREE program, however a current Update Subscription is required.

[TIP] -

I have an MP3+G Hard drive? Will your software access my hard drive to make a master list? Back to Top

Yes we do offer a small application that is available from our website that will create a file just by reading the directories. This file can then be imported into the PreList of Music Book Deluxe so that you can clean the data using the ListAssist features.

You will need to download KFR

[TIP] -

How Do I Change my Registration Information without calling a technical support rep.? Back to Top

All changes can be made from within a registerd version of Music Book Deluxe from the Help -- Users Information - View/Edit Account Profile Information.

If you do not have access to your MBD on your computer then all changes to your account must be made via the request from the registered e-mail address or phone number. If you no longer have these then you must call our phone support lines from a caller ID phone.

Please do not call using a cell phone or a calling card that does not show caller ID.

Sorry for any nconvenience, however this is to prevent someone from getting access to your information.

[TIP] -

Why are the NEO+G discs not listed in MBD ? Back to Top

Unfortunately, the manufactures or publishing houses that are licensed to create the NEO+G cd file format, are unable to supply the correct listings for these discs. Sometimes these discs have some different songs than previous versions making it impossible to supply consistently correct listings for these products. We have also determined that the paper booklet provided by the publishers also does not match the discs leaving the customer almost helpless.

We have been collecting these listings and will release them for download as an importable text file from our website. The listings that we post should be closely checked for errors before printing since that has been the problem with them. We will not be adding these listings to the Master Database so we can maintain the integrity of our database.

We do apologize for this situation, however, it is not within our control and we will try to assist you in any way we possibly can.

The date of the release is still not decided so look here for updated information.

[TECH] -

How come my book will not move back into my Prelist? Back to Top

1. If your book file has ANY punctuation in it's filename (like bill'sbook.mdb), the book will not move back to the Prelist (thank you Bill Gates). You can fix this problem by renaming that file to have no apostrophes, slashes, commas, etc... (like billsbook.mdb)

2. You are trying to open a newer book on an older MBD, you may need to upgrade your version of MBD.

[TECH] -

When I print my Numbers are now "CUT OFF" ? Back to Top

You have turned on MFG (Manufacturer on Reports) When you are not changing the numbers on your discs, Simply turn this off when printing this book. MFG on Reports is Located in the Settings area or in the General section of the print menu.

[TIP] -

How can I sort these lists alphabetically? Back to Top

Simply click on the column header at the top of that particular column, ie.. Title, Artist, or Disc#. When you click that header, that column will alphabetize itself and highlight that column. This is for viewing and searching purposes only, sorting in this fashion has nothing to do with how it will print, those options are in the Print Menu.

[TIP] -

I've filtered out every version of "American Pie", How can I quickly view all the songs on each of these discs? Back to Top

When you click on the disc number for that song/disc, you will see a small button appear in that cell, when you click it, you will get a pop up "Quick Glance" window showing you the entire track list for that disc.

HINT: From within the Quick Glance window go to 'Advanced Options' if you want to compare that disc to your Prelist or a book to show song duplications.

[TIP] -

How can I print Song Request Forms? Back to Top

Whether you have anything in the Prelist or not, go to 'File', 'Print Prelist', in the drop-list of Print Styles, scroll to the bottom to find the Song Request Forms. You can print them to screen to take a look at them, some fields are customizable.

[TECH] -

Printing Duplex-Reports Back to Top
Duplex printing in Music Book Deluxe is dependent on the type of printer you have. You must verifythat your printer supports duplex printing. Music Book Deluxe does not control a printer's duplex printing ability. The printer driver for the printer handles the duplex print control. In order to print in duplex mode you must verify the following:

• The duplex printer must be set as the default printer in Windows.

• The printer must have duplex selected in the Printer Setup in Windows.

If all else fails try to print to Adobe PDF and print odd/even from the Adobe file. Adobe PDF renders the print job virtually identical to the origianl paper print.

[TIP] -

Can I get a count of how many songs are in my Prelist? Back to Top

Actually you can get a song count in any screen by looking for the "Data Control" bars located at the very bottom of each screen in MBD. If you click on the far right button (arrow w/ line) you will get a record count showing you how many songs are in that list. HINT: if your list is 'Categorized' at the time you do the data count, it will only count those in your query.

[TIP] -

Is there a list where I can browse or print ALL the manufacturers? Back to Top

Yes, located in 'Help' menu, you will find "MFG Disc Key List', this is a list of every Manufacturer in our database showing beginning and ending numbers series for each one.

[TIP] -

I want to share my books with clients/guests that want to see the songs in my system. Do they need to install MBD. Back to Top

NO. The best way to share your books is with the Adobe PDF export option. This option will allow you to print your books to the Adobe PDF format, universally known for its ease in portability and sharing aspects. See Exporting in the MBDS help documentation located in Help in the program.

[TIP] -

How come no listings show up in my "Search" drop lists? Back to Top
You probably just need to turn the 'Advanced Search Options' back on, located in Maintenance > Settings System Settings.

[TIP] -

How can I save a book file to a floppy disc? Back to Top

Easy, go to 'File', 'Open Book File', locate the file you want to move to floppy then 'right-click' on that file and that will bring up a list, in that list you will see 'Send To', in there you will see "3 1/2 Floppy (A)", click that copy your book file to that drive, or go to 'File', 'Save As' then name the file as you would a new book. Newer Versions of MBD have the option in the File Menu to 'Send Book To'. Make sure you have a floppy disc in the drive when you try this.

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How do I combine 2 separate books into one book? Back to Top

Just open the first book and move it into an empty Prelist (using "Copy Open Book To Prelist" located in 'Open Book Maintenance'), then open the second book and move it to the Prelist, this will merge the listings with the book you previously put into the Prelist. You can then Create a new book file if you want to save your new combined book.

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When I change my disc numbers I receive a Size less than 4 Error in add a disc. Back to Top

You are trying to add a disc that the disc number is less than 4 in Length. The default length for MBD is 4, however some people like to have shorter disc numbers. You will need to increase the disc number Length or change the default setting in settings in MBD.

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I just upgraded to the newest version and I want to go back to my old version ? Back to Top

WHY ? That is like saying I just got a Cadillac but it is to confusing with all its options so I want my old Yugo back.

The new features and changes to the program were extensively designed and tested for easier use, but because you are familiar with some of the older ways the program worked the newer options seem confusing and overwhelming. This seems to be the case when people have failed to take a moment to research the options by reading the help manual, looking at the FAQ's or asking a question. The help manual has extensive documentation on all of the features available in Music Book Deluxe and the manual gets upgraded every time you upgrade your MBD. 

The reason for upgrading your version of MBD is to make sure you have all the most current fixes and patches so your program works correctly. Upgrades also include new features that make MBD work even harder and better for you, and all these new features are free. Just think of what you would be missing if we added BRAIN WAVE TECHNOLOGY and you could just think about your books and they would get done ????? you never know what the future holds. Besides if you still wish to stay at a lower version you have that right, but remember we have the right to not support any version except the most current version so you might just be on your own.

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When I export a CAVS JB-199 Juke.txt it reduces of my song numbers to 5 digits? Back to Top

Yes, you need to make sure the settings for your mp3 length are set correctly.

Typical MP3 systems and many CAVS Units only ran a 5 digit numbering system. The CAVS Documentation (User's Manual page #55) specify a 5 digit limit. When CAVS introduced models that had external drive compatibility the manual failed to explain that the 6th digit specifies the physical disc location.

The default MP3 length setting in Music Book Deluxe is 5 but can be changed up to 9.

Go to Maintenance – Settings – System Settings then click on the Track/MP3+G Tab and change the Default MP3+G Track Length to any number up to 9.

Thank you, The Music Book Deluxe Technical Support Team.

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Before I Upgraded I was able to Open my Database in Access. Back to Top

You still should be able to open any book (.MDB) created by Music Book Deluxe with the MS Access format (.MDB). Music Book Deluxe book formats (.MBD) are not MS Access files therefore can not be opened in MS Access. If for some reason you are needing to export your listings out of MBD please see the help manual on exporting. If you are needing to save your listings into an MS Access format not the default Music Book Deluxe format you may simply choose the option when saving your books or creating new books. The format change was put into place to allow the double clicking on a book file and having Music Book Deluxe automatically open.

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I'm getting 2 errors when I try to open MBD. Unrecognized Database Format and Run-time error '401' Back to Top

The main reason we see this is due to a system crash while using the PreList. The software is mostlikely writing to the file at the time the computer locks up resulting in a currupted database file. We have also seen errors like this when components have been removed from the computer during a program remove, uninstall or simply drag'n drop delete.

Verify all your Windows updates have been performed on your computer, you may need to download and install then full upgrade again from the

'Upgrade Center' and call our phone support lines for further assistance.

P.S. Any listings in the PreList will be lost.

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When I use “Block Delete” I cannot cut the last section of my list. Back to Top

This is a limitation of the actual “Grid” by default it only loads the database as it gets displayed on the screen thus resetting the record pointers. This is fine with smaller data blocks in the data grid area because the pointers never exceed the limitations of the grid.

To prevent “Block Delete” issues simply Catagorize a group of listings and work only with those listings this minimize the data block in the grid.

If you have questions about “Block Delete” and the Catagorize process contact phone support.

[TIP] - CHARTBUSTER REVISED Essential 450 Packs Back to Top


All Essential packs that have been recently purchased should be checked to verify if they are the revised version! We have been told by Chartbusters that there is a paper insert that lets you know if the set is "Revised". See below for the checklist to decide which pack to choose. So far, there are only revisions to packs 1 thru 6, pack 7 does not have a revised version (yet)....

Essential 450 #1
Original- Disc 1- Track 3= Happy Trails -- Duets/Rogers, Roy & Dale Evans
Revised- Disc 1- Track 3= Heart Full Of Love, A (For A Handful Of Kisses) -- Arnold, Eddy

Essential 450 #2
Original- Disc 2 - Track 6= Nobody Loves Me Like You Do -- Duets/Murray, Anne & Dave Loggins
Revised- Disc 2 - Track 6= Heart Won't Lie, The -- Duets/McEntire, Reba & Vince Gill

Essential 450 #3
Original- Disc11 Track 3= Blessed -- McBride, Martina
Revised- Disc11 Track 3= It's My Time -- McBride, Martina

Essential 450 #4
Original- Disc 1 Track 3= I Wanna Be Loved -- Andrews Sisters, The
Revised- Disc 1 Track 3= Vaya Con Dios -- Ford, Mary & Les Paul

Essential 450 #5
Original- Disc 2 Track 14- Mona Lisa -- Cole, Nat "King"
Revised- Disc 2 Track 14- Learnin The Blues -- Sinatra, Frank

Essential 450 #6
Original- Disc 7 Track 6- Is There Life Out There -- McEntire, Reba
Revised- Disc 7 Track 6- Oh What It Did To Me -- Tucker, Tanya

Hope this helps!

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I can not print/export to PDF after MBD Upgrade or install of Acrobat. Back to Top

This is a result of different versions of the PDF driver getting installed/overwritten on your computer. This could be a result of a version upgrade by MBD or it could be a result of an install of an older/newer version of Acrobat Reader/Distiller. We have found that the older version that was included in earlier installs of MBD may work on some computers. If you are unable to print/export to PDF try to install the PDF Upgrade from our 'Upgrade Center' .

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When I open a book I get  “Unrecognized database format“ Back to Top

1. If you are trying to open a book made with a newer version of MBD you will need to upgrade that MBD to open the book.

2. The book file is located on a corrupt floppy disc, read only CD Rom or any other device that is not being read correctly.

[TECH] - MCF-001:..Missing Configuration File. Back to Top

Connect to the Internet then open Music Book Deluxe. This happens when Music Book Deluxe has not retrieved the default configuration settings required. This should go away after connecting to the Internet then open Music Book Deluxe once. Connection to the Internet will not be required after the first configuration time unless you need to perform Upgrade/Update Maintenance.

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What operating systems will Music Book Deluxe run on? Back to Top

Music Book Deluxe will run on all "Microsoft supported" operating systems.

MS Windows 2000/XP/VISTA - (Windows operation systems must have most current service packs installed.)

Microsoft no longer fully supports Windows 95/98/ME so we are limited in the support we can provide. Music Book Deluxe will still run on these operating systems but not fully guaranteed and will not be upgradeable past version 1.04.6008. You will still be able to register/activate and run the update process. There is no special download all setups know what OS you are running.

Music Book Deluxe will also run on Macintosh or Linux running VirtualBox, VMWare, Virtual PC or Parallels & above Windows with service packs. Although we do not officially support these NON-Microsoft operating systems our support team is dedicated and will assist any way we possibly can.