Music Book Deluxe must be installed before running any upgrades.
Download Demo to install program if not already installed.

Upgrade to 1.05 for versions 1.03.6 and below

(Full Upgrade)
12.6 MB (13,261,395 bytes)

(3 Piece Full Upgrade) * For low bandwidth downloads. Use only if you are having problems downloading the Full Upgrade Above. You will need to download all three files to upgrade to version 1.05. thus making it difficult if you are not a computer literate person. Thank you Tec Support.

* Note: Upgrades WILL NOT "UPDATE" your Song Listings. Upgrades are program patches only and Music Book Deluxe must be installed already.

* Note: Download and Install below only at the request of Tech Support.

Flash (0) - [Zero] - 1.x and Above. Use only if recomended.

Flash (R) 1.04.6006+ only. Use only if recomended.

Flash (P) - PDF Export Driver Patch. Use only if recomended.

Flash (A) - Avery (A8167) Fix 1.04.+ only. Use only if recomended.

Music Book Deluxe Install Instructions for Vista from CD in PDF format.

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